Touch the sky... ♡

Touch the sky... ♡

It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.

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Omg, guys, i just feel so sorry for my bad english at my last posts (and for today too, cause I guess I’ll make some mistakes too, ‘cause it’s already 2:30am here).

Well yeah, I promised you a new post about my trip and I just felt like posting some pics. I went to so many places so I can’t tell you anything ‘cause I guess it will be too long to read.

Our breakfast everyday: Toast with butter. Yeah, we only eat Toast with butter. I bought those Oreo’s for breakfast but I can’t eat them :( so bad. But I’m looking forward to eat them in Germany! Mwahaha.

Well next… We were at the SM Building which was so… small. Everything looks so big at the pictures but it was really.. yeah small. Like Händel and Gretel.

Haha we were at Apgujeong and i saw the shop with Jay Park picture. Just took it for my lovely Minie <3 love u baby :*

I don’t really know when we went to Händel and Gretel and Sukira Kiss The Radio. But it was really scary. But hey, we saw Ryeowook and Sungmin, haha. Before Sukira started it was really full at Händel and Gretel and we couldn’t find a place to sit, but as Sukira was recording, we found a place easily haha.

OMG I LOVE KOREAN PEACH ICE TEA. It’s so tasty and delicious. I just could drink that Ice Tea. I’m gonna miss it in Germany. Really. T_T Buhu.

There’s so much more to tell you guys (like Hello Kitty Cafe, Dog Cafe, Palace and so on) but I am so tired and i hope i can write a next entry tomorrow ;__;~


PS: I don’t wanna go back to Germany, it’s so beautiful here T_T

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Hey guys!

I just wanted to say sorry for not posting anything. I’m just too lazy ‘cause we walk until forever every day and come home late, so don’t worry. I’m going to write and post photos of my trip tomorrow. It will be about the dog café, myeongdong, insadong, seoul tower, palace, food, and and and~

I love u :*

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Hey guys~

Yeah finally I uploaded a few pics :)
Today we were at Myeongdong. It was so hot out our room (I love our air conditiner *_*). And oh my god, the shops are so cute. And you can have food everywhere. The people in the shops were also very kind, just one woman was… i don’t know how to say… annoying. Yeah, I guess it’s the right word for her behavior. But who cares - we had a nice day :D. Well at the beginning of our little trip in Myeongdong it started to rain very heavy so we bought umbrellas in one of those cute shops. The umbrellas were all so cute T_T but we didn’t buy the cute ones… just the normal umbrellas ‘cause they just cost 5.000WON.

Well, then we kept on walking and visited a lot of Face and Etude Shops. After that we saw SPAO and EVERYSING, so guess what we do, haha… :DDD
I thought the Everysing is bigger… it was really small. And we couldn’t make those photos with the idols… ‘cause the machines didn’t work. So bad. Well… then we went to the Cat Café. It was really nice *_* aw the cats are all so cute and there were so many babys. Just started missing my cats at home. The admission was around 8.000WON but you’ll get one drink for free. I choosed the ice tea. It’s really tasty!! Well.. what next… hum… We bought some BB Cream and face masks haha. We wanted to try them today, but it’s really late now. After the shopping trip in Myeongdong we went to some K-Pop Stores at the subway station of Myeongdong. They’re so cheap. So if you wanna buy some K-Pop stuff - go there. They’re kind and have lots of CDs, DVDs, Lightsticks, Balloons, Posters, Photobooks… and so on, you guys know that stuff. I bought some CDs.

What next… we went home after the shopping and stayed 1 - 2 hours at our hostel before we went to the hangang river. It was so beautiful. It was already dark and Seoul looks very nice at night, as you can see in the pictures. I guess the river is 5 - 10 minutes away from our hostel.

It’s 01:26am now, so good night for today :)

Hope you like the pictures, if u have any questions just ask me :3


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Hey guys :)

Just wanted to say that I am in Seoul now. It’s really hot here and we just stayed in the Hostel because we arrived at 8pm and only went out to the Family Markt. Everything is okay so don’t worry if I didn’t contact you ;)

Love u guys!

More tomorrow :3

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Frankfurt - Doha

Hey there :)

Finally we landed in Doha, Qatar. The flight was really comfortable. We watched movies and so on…I wasn’t that scared as I thought I’d be. The food wasn’t that tasty but we had to eat something so… you know :D haha.

It’s really hot in Doha! We couldn’t breath as we got out of the plane. Fortunately it’s cold at the airport.

The next take off is in 3 hours…

See you in Seoul ;D haha.

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Finally 8 days left ‘til our flight from frankfurt airport. :)

Katrin writes me messages everyday with our countdown, haha. She’s so cute. It will be fun to be with her in Korea :D also with Hana, of course. 

And we’re going to the Zoo in Seoul! FINALLY I WON OUT OVER HANA HAHAHAH.

She wants to go to the zoo now too. Hehhehe :D 

I’m really excited about the Dolphin Show… and well, the tickets for the zoo in Seoul are really really cheap. D: 

That’s all for now.. :3


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I have to get and buy for friends…

for Ly

  • Wooyoung. Wooyoung stuff. Wooyoung’s Solo Album

for Kiki

  • Etude House – Handcreme  die gelbe dose, zweimal *__*
  • NII store – T-Shirt
  • Grüner Tee Pulver (keine ahnung wo du das kriegst aber wenn du es siehst XD) 
  • Gebäck *__* 
  • CN Blue Concert DVD – Bluestorm

For Thu ♥

  • SHINee Tisch-Kalender 2013
  • 1st Photobook

For Joni ♥

  • Candies and so on :D

For Gaara ♥

  • Armband (grün, Regenbogen :D kA)

For Bibi ♥

  • Surprise x3
For Hiroto ♥
  • SS 2 DVD

For Natascha ♥

  • Bracelet B.A.P. Yongguk
For Mai ♥
  • Teen Top/ B2ST